My 3 sons and then some……


Ethan had a blast riding on Thomas the Tank Engine…We were there a little over 3 hours.  Ethan was on the go the whole time…no time for resting.  The only thing he wanted nothing to do with was Sir Topham Hatt…Somebody was dressed up like him and he refused to go near him….LOL

Ethan got his first tattoo!!!! Rub on tattoo, that is.  I was really impressed that he got it…The guy that was doing the tattoos had this long beard and I wasn’t too sure if Ethan would go near him…but he did and he was very happy to have Percy the train tattoo’d on his arm…

The train ride with Thomas was about 25 minutes long.  He enjoyed every minute of it and I think Vernon and I did too….I took lots of pictures of him hanging out the window…Pictures will be coming shortly.

Hey Dad, when you look at the pictures….check out the picture of my tomato salad…it was so good…I even took a picture of the ingredients to make it…just a suggestion for Dot….

Here’s a cute, little funny about Vernon….There is a house across the street that was turned into 2 apartments and it seems they only rent to trashey people…So a couple of Saturdays ago at noon, the music starts.  I see they are setting up table and chairs outside, so I figured they were having a little BBQ…No Biggie….Then the music gets louder, like I was in front row seats to a Brooks & Dunn Concert….I figured it was Country music, it was dealable…heavy metal or rap, I would have some issues….So, let’s jump ahead 10 hours later…Yes, you read it right…10 hours of music…I get my sneakers on and I said to Vernon that I was heading over to the neighbors to tell them to “kill” the music…because now I was just pissed!  Vernon says..I was thinking about doing that….I realized as I walked out the door that I was by myself and Vernon was really only “thinking” about it….LOL..  I confronted the trashey people and they were actually very nice and shut the music right off…here’s the good part…I came home and headed back upstairs and noticed my bedroom door shut.  I opened the door and what do I see….Vernon laying on the floor with his face smeared up to the window pearing out towards the neighbors…I asked him what he was doing and he said….seeing if you needed back-up or if I need to call the troopers…LOL…Only Vernon..god love him.  

Austin had his 2nd break-up yesterday 😦  He seems OK with it, unless he’s hiding it from us…but I don’t think so, because I got word from the mother of the 1st girlfriend, that he apparently asked her daughter out AGAIN!  It would be nice if he had NO girlfriends until schools out.  So much drama with this “dating” stuff.

Myckael came home yesterday and totally surprised me with his Social Biography Project grade…This kid picked a book to read that I thought was way out of his league.  When he finished reading the book he had to do a Diorama in a shoe box.  Vernon & Myckael spent a good portion of the weekend working on and off with the Diorama…I looked at the shoebox and thought it was a good Diorama, but was worried with what the teacher would think…It looked a little brutal to me….People on crosses with fire burning around him….I did skim through the book and he had it nailed down pack…I was surprised and shocked…He came home yesterday and whipped out his grade on the project and oral speech that he had to give and he got a 103 out of a possible 105…The notes that the teacher wrote all over his paper were unbelievable..She was very impressed with his work and impressed that he read “such” a book.  I was so happy for him…I will never critize  another book he reads…

For all you people that don’t live in Saranac Lake….we had some serious weather on Sunday…Snow and Hail…it came in fast and left fast…twice.  I took some video of it…I’ll upload it later and send it….The temp dropped 20 degrees in a matter of minutes…It was freezing out…

I think that’s all I got….Have a great rest of the week….Pictures will be coming very soon….like maybe within the next hour 🙂



Here is a little story I don’t think Vernon and I will NEVER forget…

On Monday, I had some issues with my vehicle…again.  We decided to bring my car to the Ford Garage Monday Night.  Vernon drove my vehicle and I followed in his truck with Gonzo sitting in the passenger seat.

Once we got to Raybrook..Vernon was filling out the paperwork for my car and I got out of the truck to go to my vehicle to clean out the stuff I needed.  I was bringing the keys over to Vernon so he could put them in the envelope when I heard…”click”…

Keys were in the ignition, truck was running and Gonzo was happily waiting at the window for us….on the door lock!  Yes, he locked the door.  No, we didn’t have a spare, No, Vernon did NOT know his keyless entry code, No, we didn’t have a cell phone because it was locked in the truck.  We still had the keys to my car but at 11:15 at night, we weren’t attempting to drive it back home being that we weren’t sure if we would get back home.  Plus, we weren’t going to leave Gonzo in a running vehicle…..


We spent about 10-15 minutes looking like dorks.  I swear, if Ford had cameras taping us they would certainly have a good laugh with their morning coffee.

We were banging on the windows…Pointing at the lock asking Gonzo nicely to step on the lock again…I was playing peek-a-boo with him….I would hide under the window and then jump out and try to get him excited….Vernon went on the other side of the truck and was tapping at the window and I stayed where I was and squatted down with my hand on the door handle…Finally Vernon got him to step on the lock and I quickly opened the door.

Yes, Vernon, I have learned my lessons…Next time I want to bring a dog for a ride, I’ll remember to take the car keys out!

We didn’t get home till after midnight…Great night for a ride 😉 I would also like to point out…We were both in our PJ’s….LOL

I am SOOOOOOO excited.  We are bringing Ethan to Upper Hudson River Railroad in North Creek.  It’s about an hour and a half drive from here.

Anyways…Thomas the Tank Engine Train is going to be there…Seriously, the Train…We are actually going to ride it.  I ordered the tickets today and they will be waiting for us when we get there.  I am beyond excited to bring Ethan….He is going to flip out!!!!

And….Sir Topham Hat is going to be there too…..(Mr. Molay, I’ll bring home an autograph for you….**wink, wink**)  There’s suppose to be a bunch of stuff to do there besides ride the train.  I really think Ethan is just going to go crazy with seeing the train.

So I told Ethan tonight that we were going….and it wasn’t registering, until a couple of hours later.  He said….”Efan so, so esscited to see Thomas”. “Efan realy appy, no ititated”…..The last one says…Ethan really happy, not irritated….Ha! he’s so funny.

So that’s all I got….Expect pictures this weekend…I have a feeling you will see one happy boy in all the pictures….

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mom’s out there!!!! Hope everybody had a special day….

I was surprised with breakfast in bed…Then a trip to Plattsburgh for a Storm/Screendoor.  I’ve been itching for a door for some time and I’ve been looking at all of our Lowes Gift Cards and said it was a perfect day to make the trip.   Yes, we came home with a door. I love it and can’t wait to leave the boys living room door open for fresh air and some sunlight…No, sorry you won’t be getting pictures of my door…I’m not that tacky…or am I…nah.  Maybe when the front of our house is complete, then I’ll take a picture.  For now, you can either drive by or just imagine what it looks like.

I want to say Thanks to everybody that emailed me with your concerns for Ethans face.  Glad to know he’s so loved by everybody.  He’s fine now…The scratches cleared up quite well.

I head to the Doctors tomorrow to get tested for my Carpel Tunnel and to “see” where I’m at with it…As long as I can survive until January 2010, then that is when I’ll be having surgery.  Summer is bad because I can’t lift anything for 4-6 weeks.  September to December is bad because I can’t take off from work because end of year work.  So January it is…that is, if I receive a negative report from the Doctor…Maybe it’s all in my head…lol

Alright….I think that’s all I have…so I leave you with a couple of pics I took of Ethan tonight….They are from my cell phone, so they aren’t the clearest…but he’s still cute….

  sitting smiling

 hard hat ethan

hands in the air

I’m miffed!

If anybody is super religious…I do apologize….Stop reading now, because I’m going on with my story.

I do believe in God..I have been known to Pray, but I will NOT, and I repeat will NOT, preach to anybody nor go knocking on their doors.

Yesterday I’m at home.  I’m on the couch with Gonzo and Max (the pap we dog-sit for) and Vernon put Lola outside on the chain and left the kitchen door open.  Within a few minutes somebody is banging on our door window.  Gonzo and Max instantly tear off the couch and head right to the door.  When I got to the door, Max was on the ground and Gonzo was jumping on one of the ladies and then little Chloe comes out and starts shaking all over because she just wants attention.

I’m trying to get Gonzo and at the same time said ” Jesus Ch”…Yes, I stopped because I saw them holding Bibles.  Once I got the dogs under control.  I told them I wasn’t interested and to please leave.  They stood there looking at me.  Again, I’m not interested please take your reading material and leave.

So the one lady that was pretty much through my kitchen door when I rounded the corner said, “I’m afraid I’ll get bit again”.  I asked which dog bit her and she pointed to Max….I asked to see the bite and she lifted her foot so I could see her heal.  I can’t guarantee it was an actual bite…It looked like a tooth or nail scratch.  No puncture wounds….

So, now I’m just ticked off and holler to Vernon who went out to do Dog Control so these ladies could exit our property.  I swear the lady was limping down our driveway and might I add, she parked her car on our front yard.

I don’t condone Max biting and believe me, when the owner gets home, she will know about it!!!  I will say that Max was protecting “his house”.  The lady had her foot in our kitchen and her car in our yard and she was a stranger coming into our house.

I know I said a lot of things and things were just popping out of my mouth, but honestly, enough is enough.  I was angry and I’m still angry…I can only hope they sent out an email to everybody that does this door to door thing saying to NOT go to Trudeau Rd, there’s a crazy lady that lives there….or, I can only hope they are praying for me right now 🙂

So, I have posted a sign next to our door.  I borrowed the first 5 lines off what I found online…The rest is mine…



We are happy with our religion!

We have chosen our designated charities!

We have no desire to buy products or services!

We have 3 Yorkshire Terriers.  If you don’t like dogs, DON’T knock!  If you are easily irritated with noise, DON’T knock!  If you welcome yourself into our house without being INVITED IN, we are not liable for what our dogs do to you.

Friends and Family are ALWAYS Welcome!

It’s simple and to the point. 

I’m in the process of training our 3 dogs to control their barking and Gonzo to control the jumping.  Last night the Schwans Man came and I thought he was going to pass out.  He wasn’t jumped on or barked at.  He was able to come in the house and not be malled by Gonzo jumping all over him.  Consistency is the key…I can only hope that my other half can follow through with what I’m doing to control the situation.  I know once Max is gone it will be easier to train….He is a constant barker…I’m talking at 3 in the morning.  If he hears Ethan hit the wall with his hand, he barks and then gets all the dogs barking.

Oh, wait this one is even better…..Our new neighbors…they have a Golden Retriever and Black Lab…No big deal…Nice dogs..They have come over to visit with our dogs…Sunday while eating dinner, I look out the window and somebody pulled into the school parking lot.  Out of the truck jumps a Doberman Pincher and his leash was actually a chain.  Did I feel comfortable….NO.  I wouldn’t let the dogs outside without me or Vernon being outside and same with Ethan.  Those dogs freak me out and I was less than impressed when the owner just let go of the chain and let it run across the road to the house….ggggrrrr

OK, so that’s 2 things in 2 days that has made my blood pressure rise….It comes in three’s….Bring it on….I’m ready for it.

Just so you know…Ethan went to bed Sunday night in his BBU’s and had NO accidents all night…..Monday night, I put him to bed in his BBU’s and he had an accident at 5 this morning.  I went in to his bedroom and told him it was alright, I would get him cleaned up and he said…” no mommy, it’s not aw-wright, I’m wet and colg (cold)”…I figure a few more times of him waking up wet, he will start getting the hang of it….


It’s hard to believe how fast the school year is zooming by…..The boys just received their 3rd quarter report cards.  I’m not going to say they were the best and I’m not going to say they were the worst…Let’s just say a little more elbow grease could have helped out this 10 weeks.  Austin came out with a 77 overall average and Myckael came out with an 86 overall average.

I have labeled Ethan, Motormouth….Man, can that kid talk.  He’s becoming clearer and clearer everyday.  So last night Ethan got into the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a cake mix box that had cupcakes on the front of it….He said he wanted “yummy, yummy cupcakes” because he had a tummyache!!!!  LOL. This is nonstop…he thinks that cupcakes cure tummyaches.  Last night he NEEDED a drink of juice because he had a headache…this morning he woke up to a wet bed…I went in and he told me he p’d in his bed…when I got over to his bed he pointed to the wet spot and said “see, right there” and I said ” if you wouldn’t of had that headache last night, then we wouldn’t have this problem”.

I’m proud to say that Ethan is officially potty trained.  He wears his BBU’s all day and a pull up when he goes to bed.  Tonight, he mastered p’ing standing up.  He thinks it’s cool. I see myself investing in clorox

Ethan decided to clean my bathroom for me today.  His speech therapist and I were sitting downstairs waiting for him…I kept hollering to him to come down and he kept telling me “in a minute”….When he finally came downstairs to start his speech lesson, I headed upstairs to my bedroom and I smelt cleaning solution…as in clorox spray.  I went into the bathroom and discovered Ethan had retrieved the clorox spray and sprayed the sink and the tub…He said he was trying to make bubbles….I told him he could have grabbed a sponge.  Just kidding….believe me, I was shaking my finger at him and then myself…cleaning solutions have been removed from underneith the sink.

On Sunday, I spent most of the day in the backyard.  Most of you don’t know what our backyard looks like and I certainly wouldn’t invite you to look.  I’ve taken on the challenge of cleaning it out.  I filled our 18 foot flatbed trailer full of “nonsense”…that’s my word for junk or crap!  I’m not sure how many trips I made with the wheelbarrow, but it was A LOT….Vernon brought the “nonsense” to the dump and I was more than impressed to find out I filled that trailer with 1,400 pounds of crap.  Ok, vernon did make maybe 2 or 3 trips up to the driveway for me…but that’s it…most of his day was spent inside working in the office. 

Going to the gym on Monday was a struggle…I had lots of pain in my arms and back from all the lifting I did.  But…I hung in there…Did my 1 hour workout with some serious push ups and plenty of running on the treadmill.  That definetly worked the kinks out.  I really do love my trainers…they push me to do more and more and everyday that I go back, I look forward to it.  I will admit, when I hear them tell me to do push ups, I may cringe a little….but now, I can do 3 sets of 10 push ups…not easily though…my body shakes like I’m in the middle of an earthquake….lol

As Ethan would say….

I’m eepy, eepy….(sleepy, sleepy)….time for bed.


So….Ethan came with me to pick Myckael up at the airport last night….He said he wanted to go and see the airplane…fine…right?  He was awesome at the airport….He got to see the plane come in…He was overly excited when he saw Myckael and was trying to give him hugs while everybody was trying to exit the building!!!!  I was waiting for somebody to step on him…

So, we decided to go to Friendly’s for dinner.  A dinner that should last, let’s say maybe 45 minutes…..for us, ended in 15 minutes.

We all new what we wanted.  Ethan wanted a milkshake…actually after he hugged Myckael he said, let’s go get Milkshake, NOW!  The drinks arrived…Ethan downed his Milkshake, in under 3 minutes, no kidding! and then said, “Efan have more Milkshake”.  I told him yes, but that he had to wait.  Our dinners come out, I order him another milkshake and then…then….

Ethan decides he wants to do one of his FAKE sneezes.  This isn’t no little dainty sneeze…This is the sneeze of all sneezes.  This could have been a Broadway opening Sneeze for him…It was so theatrical, loud, and after 20 sneezes….pretty gosh darn irritating.  He closed his eyes, flared his arms….and said at the top of lungs….aaaaaachoooooo, aaaaccccchoooooo,aaaaaccchooooooo…you get my drift right.

The first couple were fine…People were laughing…When it got to the 10th one…Myckael said…”Mom, take him out of the restaurant!”….Problem was, I couldn’t stop laughing…neither could Myckael.  I finally grabbed his head and whispered in his ear….”NO MORE MILKSHAKE”….and he said, “but Efan want more milkshake”….finally he stopped!!!!

Milkshake came….Myckael said he wasn’t hungry anymore, Ethan drank more of his milkshake and said Efan have a tummy-ache….I raised my hand to the waitress and said, 3 to go boxes and the check please….PRONTO!

Ethan and a tummy-ache….hhhmmmm…wasn’t staying in the restaurant to see what else he could perform.

Myckael took Ethan to the car…I packed all the food…Left the waitress a seriously awesome tip…bowed to the customers and exited the building!

I question myself every time I bring Ethan somewhere…I should learn by now.  Either he’s going to be an awesome boy, or he’s going to perform and make me ask questions as to why I decided to bring him.

Although he was very good at the Verizon Wireless store as I was purchasing my new cell phone.  He plunked himself on the floor and watched TV…all about cellphones… 🙂 I was out of there in under 10 minutes, with no issues…of course this was way before we picked Myckael up.  So happy about that.

Tonight, Ethan kept saying he wanted to take a bubble bath…but he wouldn’t come into the bathroom and I was getting angry….finally I raised my voice and he came in and said…”mommy, u mad”…and I said “Yes”…and he said, “really, really mad”……LOL….I told him “no, just mad” and he said, “AK” (ok)…I love having conversations with him…

Everybody congratulate Vernon….He just got re-elected for Chief of Rescue.  1 more year of Red lights and Sirens….

Bunch of Stuff

Ethan has a bunch of new words that have been cracking us up.  Here are a few of his sayings…..

Efan (ethan) too, too busy

no, no, not white (right) now

Efan don’t do dat (that)

inna minut

There’s plenty more, but this can hold you over for now.

Hope everybody could view the videos I sent out 🙂

Sharon & Gifford, hope you guys have a blast in Vegas…Don’t hit it big, we still need a sitter for a couple more years!!!!

I’m sure you all have watched the news today with the horrible shootings in Binghamton, NY….You can only watch and read so much before you just can’t listen to it any more…it’s sickening.

Tonight, I’m sitting in the boys living room, trying to enjoy my last night with the big TV and I hear a “pop”.  I instantly stopped rocking and started staring out the window.  I was scared, it sounded like a gun shot and was too freaked out to move.  Of course, our house is nothing but windows and I felt like I was being watched.  And then, again, I hear “pop”.  I knew it wasn’t a gun shot, but still the noise freaked me out.  After running upstairs and telling Vernon, I ventured down to Myckael’s room because you get a bird’s eye view from his window….There was a bunch of  grown kids in the playground setting firecrackers off.  Me? not impressed…and beginning to get irritated with the little punks.

I understand kids can have fun…but not at children’s playground…especially where my son plays.

They didn’t last long..We locked our vehicles and made sure they beeped.  If I had to guess….My dear neighbor across the road probably made an appearance outside with his booming voice.

It’s probaly those nasty little devils that come up during holiday breaks from Long Island….They shouldn’t be permitted to leave the island.  They are nothing but trouble.  These would be the same kids a few years ago that I saw running in my side yard and hiding behind trees with their “fake” guns pretending to shoot eachother.  Yes, the cops were called then…It never fails, cops are called everytime they are in town.  Vernon actually had the phone in hand ready to call tonight, but they disappeared….oh well, I’m sure we still have another week of them.

Dad, tell Myckael that I have hollered at Chloe twice tonight, to stop scratching at his bedroom door…she’s been fine all week because nobody has went into his room, until I did tonight.  She went crazy!!!!

Sometimes, just sometimes, I like to play little jokes.  Tuesday night it was time for dinner…I hollered to Ethan and told him it was time to eat….his response…oooohhh, AK (ok).  I asked him if he would get Austin & Myckael for dinner.

Oh, it was so funny….but mean of me….He was knocking on Austin’s door telling him it was time to eat and then hollering up the stairs to Myckael.  This went on for a couple of minutes…He finally came into the kitchen and said, Austin & Myckael not home….and sat down and ate his hotdog.  Of course they aren’t home..Austin had been gone since Saturday and Myckael left on Monday….so it was an early April fool’s

Anbody for Rice Tea

I couldn’t think of a title…but Ethan has been asking for Rice Tea all night….which means Ice Tea….too funny.

So, as I sit here on Thursday night…I’m sitting in the boys Living Room.  What I’m liking is me watching the big screen tv without somebody on the computer or somebody wanting to play Xbox.  It’s peaceful!  Plus it’s the final episode of ER and I can cry in peace….Vernon is at his weekly firehouse meeting and Ethan is crashing on the couch.

Austin seems to be having a good time with his Grandfather…He’s very short and sweet when we text him and he texts back…He’ll be home on Saturday…

I brought Myckael to the airport on Monday to fly out to Florida…With me…it’s never a dull moment.  We had issues of getting through security because I couldn’t find my ID…I had just showed it at the desk and didn’t put it back where it belonged but put it with my Credit Cards….The security boys were joking around with me cause I was freakin’ out!  We get through security and Myckael wants to get out of his pants and into shorts…uuggghhh

His flight was suppose to leave at 5:45 and didn’t leave until 6:10….I sat up at gate 3 until I saw the plane pull away…In the mean time security had come up twice to look around…Nobody had asked me anything…So I decided to head outside to watch the plane take off…I started going down the stairs and everything was dark.  Everything was locked down.  I had no clue how to get out.  Thankfully a custodian showed me out.  As I’m walking through the airport, I see all 6 of the Security guys standing behind all the these locked down windows talking…No big deal….As I’m walking out of the airport and just getting off the phone with my dad, I turn around and here come 6 security guys…one of them was walking right behind me and I had to ask if they were staying in there because of me.  He said Yes, but not to worry, they had checked in at the desk and new that I was with my child and was probably waiting for the plane to leave…I felt bad, but oh well!!!

Guessing by all the emails from my dad, that Myckael is keeping him busy.  Swimming, golfing, running and biking.

He will be home on Monday night.

Vern, Ethan and I, really haven’t done much this week.  I did notice tonight that the kitchen has stayed pretty clean.  Love it!  We had dinner with my sister, mom and the girls last night.  Ethan is in love with Randi Rae…he didn’t want her to leave..he was very upset when she had to go.

Did I mention that Vernon and I signed Ethan up for Pre-K last week. Not happy about this…he’s growing to fast.

I went to the gym tonight…apparently I have graduated early…I’m suppose to go to the gym on my scheduled days 2 days a week.  Today I was informed starting next week, I can come 3 days a week.  Looking forward to it!  Very Excited!

That’s all I got….

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Here we go again!

I really don’t like change….but for my special readers…I’m willing to change.

Actually I’ve had this blog for quite sometime, but as of today had everything wiped cleaned…Now I’m starting over.

So this is my new home…unless something new comes about.

When I do a write-up, you will be receiveing an email from me with the link…You will not be receiving anything from WordPress.

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